Yeah. This is a community called WEHATEYOU, right? We being me and my wifey. There are only two members, we just have a lot of journals because we rule so much we deserve more than one, because, y'know, we rule. SO. We hate you, piss off, we hope you die. Don't add us. Or we'll post cruel friends-only entries about you here that you can't see and we will link them to your journal and you won't know what mean things we are saying about you. HAHA.

But if you are a Manic Street Preacher, or Jared Followill, then you can comment here and we will come round to your house and have sex with you until you die. Of exhaustion. Sexual exhaustion. Hurrah.

please kill me no wait IM DEAD AAHAHAHAAH

I think i just died but i am still on the computer. Is that normal?

AAAHAHAHA HELLO anyway it's nearly 6am! IM NOT TIRED. That is because i am dead.

There are many things i have to do before i go to bed. 1)Eat a packet of Bugles. 2)Eat a Mars Bar. 3)Graffitti on my arms with this blue pen even more. 4) Count how many times the words 'billboard', 'slut', 'nothingness' and 'suicide' are used on 'Generation Terrorists'.


I thought Meet the Parents was funny at patrs but generally just another movie they show at 9pm on ITV on Sunday night.
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I was on the train and I had just bought The Holy Bible CD and I was looking through the booklet, and 'AWWWW! Baby Manics photos!' and I showed them to my friend, who wasn't really paying attention. '...awww-URGH!!!!' Fucking hilarious. Then she pointed at James and looked disgusted.
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ever wanted to punch yourself in the face, really really hard?

i have

i think if i keep drinking this damn juice then i will be sick. thats my intention. i will keep drinking it now.

liek omg i am such a good poet i should get published

i love potatoes
even though i cant spell potatoes
potatoes potatoes potatoes
baked potatoes
nothing rhymes with potatoes
so ill end every sentance with the word potatoes

o how i love thee
they are greasy
and make me fat
but i don't care
cos they are chips

beans are always nice
with toast
at 12pm

full english breakfast
i love you too
grease is nice
running down your throat
if you tip the plate it will fall on the floor

you are the bane of my existance
you are the reason for me to stay existing
whether you are filled with caramel
or gelatin which is cow brains or something
i do not care
for you are chocolate and goodness and i love you
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